"We owe our phenominal growth to the dedicated group of designers, artists, assemblers and visionaries who have made AirBrands stand out from the crowd. We thank God for their dedication and loyalty. An outstanding team!"
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"If you can dream it—you can do it."
- Walt Disney

Humble Beginnings

1962: Inflationary Thinking

  • The original "cold-air" balloons go into production, a full fifteen years before anyone else begins to compete. Dynamic Displays leads the way.
  • Research and development makes Dynamic Displays the industry leader in cutting edge design, color testing and fabric development.

Awesome Advances

2006: Radical Results

  • Dynamic Displays still setting the standard, becomes AirBrands Event & Marketing Group.
  • In constant demand by hollywood studios, the Superbowl, Disney, parades, event planners, brand promoters, corporate sponsors... and clients just like you! Inflate your image today!